Call Center Training Solutions: The Very Best Training for Your Call Center Agents and Supervisors

Telephone Sales Mastery

Best Practice Selling Skills!

Fully customized, best practice selling skills for every step of your sales call. Inbound and Outbound programs available.

Telephone Sales Mastery Skills

  • It's all about the Connection!
  • Mastering all Non-Verbals
  • Strong Greetings for immediate client engagement
  • Overcoming Initial Objections (outbound calling) like "We already have a vendor."
  • Finding multiple hidden Needs 
  • Bringing your products to life
  • Closing assertively & client-friendly
  • Responses for all Late-Call Objections

TSM Inbound Details & Pricing
TSM Outbound Details & Pricing

Call Center Floor Management

Floor Coaching Excellence!

Call Center Floor Management equips Supervisors to achieve best-in-class results through world class floor-coaching.

Major CCFM Elements

  • A comprehensive set of floor-coaching skills that transform your entire center!
  • Reinforce agent strengths and eliminate skill deficiencies with positive, uplifting coaching (that agents love!)
  • Get far more coaching done every day - no more waiting for weekly one-on-ones
  • Making the coaching stick through stronger agent Accountability
  • Fixes for dysfunctional agent behavior (adherence, resistance to coaching, etc.)

 CCFM Details and Pricing

Superior Service

Service That Distinguishes Itself!

Superior Service introduces a proactive style of service that captures the attention and the heart of each client.  

Superior Service Results

  • Fully customized, best practice skills for every step of the call
  • The Client Connection will be the priority
  • Much better listening and call control
  • Recognizing and preventing client anger (before they become irate)
  • Reduced Handle time with higher client Satisfaction (it's true!)
  • Single-Call and Issue Resolution will be the new mindset
  • Higher employee job satisfaction

Superior Service Details & Pricing