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Telephone Sales Training

It's Getting Tougher To Sell!

Tough economic times demand superior selling - the easy sales are gone. Telephone Sales Mastery offers better skills for every part of your call, and we'll customize it to your telephone dialogues.

Telephone Sales Mastery Programs

Telephone Sales Mastery: Proven Skills & Strategies in These Areas

  • "Connect" with Every Caller
  • Voice, Tone, Tempo & Confidence
  • Greetings/Quick Rapport
  • Overcoming Initial Objections (outbound-specific) like "We already have a vendor".
  • Getting to Know Clients Quickly and Finding Multiple Hidden Needs 
  • Bringing Product Offers to Life
  • Closing Assertively & Client-Friendly
  • Outweighing Late-Call Objections with Additional Value
  • Dealing with Pesky Price Objections
  • "Need to talk to my wife" Objections
  • Falling Back to Secondary Offers

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Call Center Floor Management

Increased Agent Performance and Accountability

Call Center Floor Management is the premier program for front line Supervisors, Team Managers and Leads to chand then sustain great results.  

If your leaders have agent goals/metrics, score cards, QA scores and even weekly one-on-ones, but your agents are underperforming, CCFM is the missing piece.  Our proven approach?  Daily, effective floor-coaching that is specific, consistent and accountable.  Your agents will improve on their very next call. 

Results of Implementing Call Center Floor Management

  • Increases in your key metrics: Sales, Average Order Value, Customer Satisfaction, Appointments per Hour.
  • Improved relationships between agents and leaders.
  • More Accountability at all levels.
  • Overall Scorecard Improvements.
  • Long-term sustainability.
  • Higher employee retention and job enjoyment.
  • Happier customers!!

CCFM Details and Pricing

Getting Started

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Things We Can Do Right Up Front (before you invest in our training)

  • Analyze recorded calls and provide you with our recommendations for improvement.
  • Conduct a complimentary 30-minute webinar or telephone conference to walk you through our skills - which are most relevant to your call center.
  • Conduct a complimentary half-day or full-day training demo at your site. You pick the skills that you would most like to see.