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Telephone Selling Skills

Telephone Sales Mastery 

The Telephone Sales Mastery workshop is a fully customized, best practice selling skills for every step of your sales call. Inbound and Outbound programs available.

Telephone Sales Mastery Skills

  • It's all about the Connection!
  • Mastering all Non-Verbals
  • Attention-grabbing Call Openings
  • Creating immediate client engagement
  • Overcoming Initial Objections (outbound calling) like "We already have a vendor."
  • Finding multiple hidden Needs 
  • Value-rich product offers
  • Closing assertively & client-friendly
  • Responses for all Late-Call Objections

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World Class Floor-Coaching

Call Center Floor Management

Call Center Floor Management is a one-of-a-kind program that equips Supervisors to achieve best-in-class results through consistent, daily floor-coaching.

Major CCFM Elements

  • A comprehensive set of floor-coaching skills that transform your entire center!
  • Reinforce agent strengths and eliminate skill deficiencies with positive, accountable coaching
  • Improve agent performance every day - no more waiting for weekly one-on-ones
  • Making the coaching stick through stronger agent accountability
  • Fixes for dysfunctional agent behavior (adherence, resistance to coaching, etc.)

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Proactive Customer Care

Superior Service: Mastering the Customer Experience

The Superior Service workshop introduces a proactive style of service that captures the attention and the heart of each caller.  

Superior Service Results

  • Fully customized, best practice skills for every step of the call
  • The Client Connection will be the priority
  • Much better listening and directing the dialogue
  • Recognizing and preventing client anger (before they become irate)
  • Reduced Handle time with higher Client Satisfaction (it's true!)
  • Single-Call and Issue Resolution best practices
  • Significantly improved Customer Experience

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