Call Center Training Solutions: The Very Best Training for Your Call Center Agents and Supervisors

About Call Center Training Solutions

Call Center Training Solutions has been helping call center clients thrive for almost 25 years, through powerful, customized skills training. No matter what type of center(s) you have, we can help you.

Home and Away

We are based in Plantation, Florida.  Although we serve clients locally in South Florida, we have clients across North America and in over a dozen other countries. We are happy to come to you and deliver customized training, no matter where you are.

Webinar-Based Training

Prefer to keep costs down? We can easily deliver your training via webinar. We can do everything via webinar that we do live, including instruction, customized media, demonstrating skills and role-playing with participants. We will also send you customized participant guides and handouts that your location can print for the training.

Customized Training

We often see training providers that claim to “customize” their content, only to make a small change or two and charge big bucks for their time. Each of our programs is completely customized to your world, your agents and supervisors, your clients and your telephone dialogues.  We start by learning your current call processes and what your agents say and do on the phones.  We then produce an improved set of skills and tools that are both client-friendly and highly productive.  Agents love the new skills.  Clients prefer the improved dialogues.  Supervisors are more effectively able to coach.  Sales and Customer Sat scores go up!  Everybody wins.

Specialists in Licensing and Certifying Our Clients' Trainers

We have been selling our training via Site Licenses since 1994. That just means that you pay us once for the programs we build for you and you own them forever (we also provide updates regularly). Included in the purchase, we build rigorous instructor certifications for your trainers to make sure they can deliver our programs (with excellence) right from the start. You receive a ton of deliverables, like participant guides, training media and awesome instructor manuals, all customized to your real world. Please see our Licensing page for specific information on these important CCTS advantages.


We have training consultants in Colorado Springs, Dallas and South Florida, so we can handle your training challenges easily, whether you need a single training course or a Multi-Site License. Our president, Mo Bellio, is located here in South Florida. Call Center Training Solutions has also developed a network of additional training consultants around North America, so we can handle any training initiative, no matter how comprehensive. Learn more about the CCTS Staff.


Our goal, like yours, is to raise your metrics and improve your scorecards, all while making clients more satisfied with their calls and causing your agents to enjoy their jobs more than ever.  We build training, but we're really a partner who understands how to bring the best out of your people and then sustain the improvements.


The Right Training

When you are shopping for training, you want to know the vendor has the ability to support your needs.  Here are a few key facts about our team.

  • Fast Response: Although we customize everything, we can deliver a training program at your site or via webinar the week after your inquiry, if you are in a hurry.

  • Call Center Experts: Our whole team has extensive experience in call centers in sales, service, floor management, training and even in outsourcing relationships.

  • Large or Small Projects: We have built and delivered successful training programs for Fortune 500 companies with 25+ call centers, multi-national center locations, and small groups, as few as five agents.

  • Awesome Training Delivery: Our training is highly interactive so your participants stay engaged and are glad they are there. 

  • Goals and Score Cards: We begin and end with your metrics – what measurements are you trying to move?  We never forget about the bigger picture as we build your program.

  • Floor Management: This is still our secret weapon that makes the new sales or service skills stick at the agent level.  Why bother buying training if it is going to become the “flavor of the month” and not be sustained, long-term?

  • Competence in Design and Delivery: We learn something new with every new client initiative, but we have a really nice formula that we have developed over 25 years, so you can be confident  you are working with a professional training firm that understands your needs.

Thanks again.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Mo Bellio  :)
Call Center Training Solutions