Rapid Results Program Overview

Planning & Goal-Setting

  • Comprehensive Summary Report of Targeted changes.
  • Propose Plan of Action to improve Key Performance Areas Immediately:  Consolidate collected information and establish a plan and performance goals to prioritize and address concerns. Identify and target early successes that are important to the organization.
  • Create a plan with results that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and have Target Dates. 
  • Make plan adjustments as warranted by changes in the situation, leveraging pilot within the implementation process to maximize success. 
  • Help clients identify and access different resources. 

Managing Progress and Accountability (2-3 total days)

  • Management of Plan and Goals: Clearly establish actions that will move the organization/department toward stated goals.
  • Organization throughout the Initiative: Effectively prepare, organize and review with client information obtained during sessions. 
  • Focus: Keep everyone on track between sessions by holding attention on the Rapid Results Action Plan, specific to the outcomes and agreed-upon courses of action. 
  • Behavior Improvement: Focus the plan on adjusting behaviors and actions at all center job levels. 
  • Accountability: Promote client's self-discipline and hold the client accountable for what they say they are going to do, for the results of an intended action or for a specific plan with related time frames. 
  • Improved Decision Making: Develop the client's ability to make decisions, address key concerns and develop future plans on their own.

Long-Term Support Included (20-30 additional hours)

1-30 Days 

  • Comprehensive Initial Assessment.
  • Long-Term Goal-Setting and Planning.
  • Data analysis and selection of major metrics to target and improve.

31-60 Days 

  • Weekly Telephone Meeting for updating and maintaining goals and focus.
  • Oversight of Improvement Plan and Key Performance Areas.
  • Determine Root Cause of performance barriers.
  • Pilot actions to improve result.
  • Additional Educational elements via 30-60 minute webinars, focused on continuous improvement, data analysis, score card development and SMART goals.

61-100 Days

  • Conduct data analysis of selected metrics for pilot results and effectiveness of actions.
  • Make any needed adjustments and determine key learning.
  • Celebrate successes to date.
  • Post-pilot implementation action plan.

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Optimization at CCTS

Kelvin Southards: Vice President of Contact Center Optimization

We welcome Kelvin Southards as our Vice President of Contact Center Optimization.  

Kelvin and his Optimization team will help you simplify processes and engage employees in owning the Customer Experience.  Kelvin has more than two decades of experience in customer support, leveraging technology and reporting, helping him lead organizations to “wildly successful” outcomes.