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Sales Booster Webinars

Here is a description of all the available Sales Booster webinars.  Contact us with questions or to get started at 1-954-729-2160 or e-mail

1. Five Ways to Improve Our Chance for a Sale on Every Call

This is a great webinar for both veterans and newer agents.  The lesson introduces five powerful tools/skills for improving the effectiveness of every major call skill, including the Call Opening, Discovery (Needs Identification and Confirmation), Presenting Value-Rich Offers, Closing Assertively and Responding to Late-Call Objections.  Although this session is intended for an Inbound audience, we can also create an Outbound version for your team.

2. Outbound Calling – Common Mistakes and Solutions

Most sales people become frustrated with hearing “No” or “Can’t talk right now,” on Outbound calls.  What sales people do not realize is that they often say or do things that cause the caller to object.  This lesson outlines five main Mistakes (counterproductive tactics) that sales people use and how to replace each one with a much more effective skill.  Mistakes include Derailleurs (“Is this a good time to talk?”), Volume & Energy Issues, Weak Purpose Statements (“I was calling to introduce myself and to see whether you’re the right person to speak to about….”), Call Control Issues, Lengthy Discovery Dialogues and more.

3. OB Calling – The First 30 Seconds (Including Early-Call Objections)

If your team struggles the most with the Call Opening and upfront Objections, this webinar is right for you.  It includes some of the same Mistakes as the Common Mistakes webinar, but its full focus is the early part of the call.  The webinar provides great tools and skills for a more Attention-Grabbing Call Opening, plus a great, three-step process for Overcoming Initial Objections.

4. A Stronger Connection Equals an Easier Sale

The Connection, establishing a comfort level and making the call feel enjoyable for the client, is one of the most fundamental goals for any sales person or service rep.  Some sales people are great at connecting early, but then do not maintain the connection throughout the call.  This webinar introduces a set of best practices for Instant Connections with Callers as well as Five Key Connection Points and How to Maintain the Connection During Transitions.  This will help your reps stay connected at the start, through Verification, Discovery, Product Offers (including when callers ask us questions), Closing and even Late-Call Objections.

5. Discovery – the Lost Art of Uncovering True Needs Quickly

While there is no perfect set of questions that will help every sales person, there is a general order and flow which can net us much better information in much less time.  This webinar will help sales people ask more effective questions – ones that will help the client open up, so the needs we uncover are more genuine and important. The session includes Best Practices to Start Your Discovery, Understanding “Why Us” and “Why Now,” Validation Comments & Positioning Statements, Five Question Types and (putting it all together) the Process for Uncovering Key Needs and Hot Buttons.

6. Impactful Product Offers and Value-Drivers

Most sales people know about Features and Benefits.  Too often, the biggest Benefit a sales person focuses on is “Saving Money,” which rarely generates enough customer interest for a purchase. This webinar will take your sales people to the next level with Value-Rich Selling.  Your sales people will learn how to Tie Features Back to Customer Needs and Interests. The webinar will also cover a wide range of Value Drivers and how to select the right ones for the customer’s buying situation.  Lastly, we introduce a powerful tool for Bringing the Product To Life in the customer’s mind so it becomes real to them, and a purchase is much more likely on this call.

7. Closing with Confidence and Assertiveness

Many sales people struggle with Closing.  “What if the customer says ‘No’?”  As a result, we often say or do things at the Close that causes the customer to object.  This module introduces a skill called the Assertive Close.  It is bold, upbeat and assumptive but never aggressive or arrogant.  The webinar will also introduce six other Proven Closing Techniques, as well.  Each Close is customer-friendly and very persuasive. For environments where the sale does not occur on our call, we introduce great techniques for Closing for the Best Next Step.  Lastly, participants will practice extensively so they remove Non-Verbal Static, which can derail a selling opportunity.

8. Overcoming More Late-Call Objections (Including “Price,” “Talk to Spouse/Boss” and “Send me a brochure.”)

In this webinar, we will work with your common Objections.  In general, we start with some of the most common.  The Price Objection Response offers several outstanding ways to “Revalue Your Price" enthusiastically, rather than immediately offering discounts.  The webinar also offers great ways to tackle “I need to talk with my Spouse/Boss first,” and how to make a sale when a customer says, “Can you send me a brochure/e-mail first?”  All the responses are upbeat and customer-friendly.  No objection responses work consistently if the customer is made uncomfortable in any way.  This webinar can significantly increase your sales.

Pricing for Webinars

Each webinar can be delivered as a 3-hour or 5-hour session.  A 3-hour session will provide great content, skill and practice.  A 5-hour session will do an even deeper dive into the topic.  Pricing is US Dollars.

3-Hour Session: $699.00
5-Hour Session: $999.00

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Webinars By CCTS

All Call Center Training Solutions Live Webinars have the following Benefits.

  • Extremely interactive - very similar to one of our live, in-person training sessions.
  • Customized content and skills.
  • Time is always included for role-play/practice.
  • Really fun - we bring great skills and tools, but we also know how important it is for participants to have a great time while learning.
  • Follow-up is included to make sure your employees really master the skills.

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