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Call Center Training Solutions­ Team of Training Consultants


Mo Bellio: President
Plantation, Florida

Mo founded the company in 1991 after a successful sales and management career with Sprint.  Prior to leaving Sprint, he spent the last two years in the corporate education group, training other sales people and managers to employ the successful strategies he employed in the same roles.  Mo has spent the last 25 years figuring out what works best in terms of influential dialogue and how best to impart those skills to others.  He has personally worked with thousands of call center agents, supervisors and senior leadership staff in more than a dozen countries.

Patricia Ash: Vice President Client Development
Jacksonville, Florida

Patty Ash has been working on Call Center Training Solutions' projects for over ten years, both as a facilitator and as a developer/writer.  For many clients, she has managed the entire training and development roll out plan, from the beginning.  Patty works closely with each client to make certain that their new dialogue skills and new Call Flows make the most sense for their agents.  Patty also worked for Sprint until 1998, first in sales and sales management, and then assisting Sprint's call center outsourcing implementation.  She has been heavily involved with outsourced call centers so she knows the ins and outs of the business.  In 2007-2008, Patty traveled globally with Call Center Training Solutions to deliver sales and sales management programs for clients in outsourced centers.  Her travels took her from Fargo, North Dakota, to Toronto to the Philippines.

Kelvin Southards: Senior Facilitator
Denver, Colorado

Kelvin Southards not only facilitates CCTS's call center training programs, he is also a specialist in organizational development, instructional design and train-the-trainer.  Kel regularly delivers CCTS's Training For Trainers and Designing High-Quality Training workshops.  Kelvin's background includes nine years with WorldCom in Customer Service, Telephone Sales, Floor Management and Training.  From there Kelvin moved to Colorado Springs Utilities, where he developed leadership and organizational development programs as well as provided training support for the call center group.

Randi Busse: Workforce Development Group
New York

Randi is the President of our partner training company, Workforce Development Group, based in Amityville, NY. She is widely recognized as a Customer Service Expert. Randi is a trusted resource for many diverse companies and organizations that have relied on her guidance to help improve customer service and increase customer retention. Her organization provides training and coaching that fosters a culture of ownership among employees and provides them with the skills they need to delight customers. Randi spent more than fifteen years in a call center environment working for Verizon before leaving to start her own company. She provided training and coaching to call center representatives which led to them meeting and exceeding corporate objectives.

A Rapid Response is Waiting

When you are shopping for training, you want to know the vendor has the ability to support your needs.  Here are a few key facts about our team.

  • Fast Response: Although we customize everything, we can deliver a training program at your site or via webinar the week after your inquiry, if you are in a hurry.

  • Call Center Experts: Our whole team has extensive experience in call centers in sales, service, floor management, training and even in outsourcing relationships.

  • Large or Small Projects: We have built and delivered successful training programs for Fortune 500 companies with 25+ call centers, multi-national center locations, and small groups, as few as five agents.

  • Awesome Training Delivery: Our training is highly interactive so your participants stay engaged and are glad they are there. 

  • Goals and Score Cards: We begin and end with your metrics – what measurements are you trying to move?  We never forget about the bigger picture as we build your program.

  • Floor Management: This is still our secret weapon that makes the new sales or service skills stick at the agent level.  Why bother buying training if it is going to become the “flavor of the month” and not be sustained, long-term?

  • Competence in Design and Delivery: We learn something new with every new client initiative, but we have a really nice formula that we have developed over 25 years, so you can be confident  you are working with a professional training firm that understands your needs.

Thanks again.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Mo Bellio  :)
Call Center Training Solutions