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Call Center Floor Management

Performance, Accountability and Happier Agents!

Call Center Floor Management has a singular focus - equip leaders with the best coaching skills available.  This is more than a 2.5-day training course.  Together, we will change the nature of your center and create a "coaching culture."  Everyone will feel connected, working toward the same goal - excellence on the phones and the resulting increases in performance.

CCFM Will Deliver the Following Improvements

Effective Coaching

   More Engaging and Accountable Coaching.
  • Sustaining/celebrating Strengths and identifying Skill Gaps more clearly.
  • Involving the agent in solutions rather than lecturing.
  • Creating more specific improvement steps and action plans.
  • Agents always summarize their new plans.

Efficient Coaching

   More Frequent and Consistent Coaching Every Week.
  • Weekly one-on-ones will become more skill-focused (and often shorter).
  • "On-The-Fly Coaching," a new floor-coaching approach, will significantly increase daily touch coaching touch points with agents (it works just as well in remote environments).
  • Daily messaging - IMs, e-mails, pre and post-shift meetings - will all align.

Uplifting Coaching

   No more “disappointed leaders,” always unhappy and frustrated with agents.
  • Coaching becomes much more positive, even when dealing with Improvement Areas.
  • “I know you can do this,” and “I’m excited to see how this improves your results,” will replace “You need to do this, or it will lead to a performance improvement plan.”

Better Follow-Up

   Improved Follow-Up by Getting Reps to Own It.
  • Follow-up is built into every CCFM coaching skill.

Long-Term Sustainability

  • All CCFM Coaching Strategies are built for the Long-Term, so you get the immediate improvements and the long-term, major gains.

CCFM Will Greatly Improve the Following

  • Employee motivation - improved coaching results in more job enjoyment for agents.
  • Reduced adherence problems - leaders will coach more quickly to solve issues.
  • Much more effective and positive pre-shift meetings.
  • Tie-ins with the Quality team to make sure everyone is focused on the right agent skills.
  • Wild Success Stories! Your center will achieve new performance heights.

CCFM Facts

  • Instructor-led, 2.5-day program (or customized to your needs).
  • We work with your real floor-coaching issues.
  • Six months of follow-up included - telephone meetings and additional live webinars.
  • Extensive role-playing to make sure leaders are experts at each skill.
  • Interactive delivery style makes training fun, applicable and helps create buy-in.
  • Contact us about a complimentary CCFM demo.


  • 2.5-day Workshop: $6900.00.
  • Multiple courses booked at one time: $5900.00 per workshop.
  • Call us for customized pricing for webinar-based delivery of the program.
  • Travel is additional.

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The Best Approach for Leaders

“It’s easy to coach to the ‘What’ - everybody does that. Call Center Training Solutions taught us how to coach to the ‘How’ and sustain it.”
Mark McCarthy: Deluxe Corporation

Why is CCFM successful?

It's all about the skills! Here are some facts about the CCFM coaching skills.

  • Multiple floor-coaching skills that are delivered in less than a minute.
  • Each coaching skill is intended for a particular situation or observation.
  • The skills will leverage agent strengths.
  • They will improve agent weaknesses.
  • They will break down agents' resistance to change.
  • They will eliminate problem behaviors (e.g. adherence, slang on calls, resistance to coaching, etc.)

“You truly revolutionized the way we manage the call center.  The Floor Coaching model made such an impact on our Leads and to this day we practice it thoroughly and consistently!  It was interesting that a year later our HR department came up with new initiatives, that shadowed exactly what you taught us to do!  I am very much looking forward to working with you again. Thanks again for your contributions!"
Olga Martinez: Benevis Corp./Kool Smiles Dentistry

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