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Telephone Sales Mastery Outbound

Tough Economies Reveal Poor Selling Skills

If your sales agents have not been properly equipped to sell, chances are good that you have seen a huge downturn in sales. Tough economies call for excellent selling skills. Telephone Sales Mastery Outbound can re-ignite the sales energies in your center and turn poor producers back into high contributors.

A Proven Formula

TSM Outbound is a powerful instructor-led selling workshop for outbound sales agents. Agents will begin employing a proven formula that makes them much more consistent and effective. No more "shooting from the hip" or letting the call go wherever the caller takes it. The TSM Outbound formula will improve every part of the call, from Greetings and Initial Objections, to superior Needs Identification (in as little as 20 seconds), much better product offers, Cross-selling/Up-selling, Closing and dealing successfully with Late-Call Objections.

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TSM Outbound Will Greatly Improve the Following Issues

  • Sales results are not meeting or exceeding targeted levels.
  • Greetings sound lifeless, eliminating many opportunities before they ever begin.
  • Agents do not do any icebreaking or reducing of natural call tension.
  • Agents do not grab the caller's attention early on calls.
  • Initial "knee-jerk" objections ("Not interested.") stump agents most of the time.
  • Agents do not ask questions so they rush right to a weak sales "pitch."
  • Product presentations are lifeless and do not generate urgency to buy.
  • Agents hesitate when closing for the sale.
  • Late call objections are not handled effectively (or not at all).

TSM Outbound Facts

  • Instructor-led, two-day program that can be delivered in half-day or quarter-day chunks.
  • We will customize the program to your real-world telephone dialogues and Call Types.
  • We can come to you and deliver TSM Outbound with our Training Consultants.
  • Larger centers (50+) usually invest in a Training License - we certify your training team.
  • Loads of role-play practice to make sure agents are experts at each skill.
  • Interactive delivery style makes training fun, applicable and helps create agent buy-in.


  • 2-day Workshop: $7900.00
  • Multiple courses booked at one time: $6500.00 per workshop
  • 12-Participant Maximum per workshop.
  • For centers with more than 50 agents, ask us about our License pricing for complete ownership of the program - no more per-workshop fees.
  • Travel is additional.

Get Started Now!

Contact us today to discuss your center's goals and challenges and whether TSM Outbound is the right fit for your center. We will present the best way to implement TSM Outbound in your center and provide you with a detailed rollout plan.

Making Every Contact Count

TSM Outbound's proven formula will change the way your agents sell (and increase sales as a result). Here is a snapshot of the TSM Outbound calling formula and strategy.


TSM Outbound provides multiple ways to reach callers quickly - connecting with them - to keep them on the line and listening.

Initial Objections 
("Look, I'm too busy to talk.")

They are pesky. No one likes them. Initial TSM Outbound specializes in this critical skill, helping overcome most Initial Objections - even preventing them from occurring!

Needs Analysis

Many outbound agents rush to the "pitch", but without questions, the offer is lifeless and generic. Our Quick Questioning skill allows for multiple needs-identifying questions in as little as 20 seconds! 

Attention-Grabbing Product Presentation

TSM Outbound shows your agents how to bring their offers to life by connecting them to client lifestyle interests or business challenges. This increases the urgency to buy today because clients envision themselves using, holding, touching the product. 

Late-Call Objections

Your agents will have multiple ways to handle every major Late-Call Objection, including Price, "Have to talk to my wife/partner", "No money right now", and anything else you run into.