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Coaching Booster Webinars

Here is a description of all the available Coaching Booster webinars.  Contact us with questions or to get started at 1-954-729-2160 or e-mail

1. Foundational Principles for Being a Great Coach/Leader/Manager

This webinar provides important Principles, Tips and Guidelines for running a sales or service team.  This includes Common Coaching Mistakes and Solutions, Eight Foundational Principles for Top Leader Performance, X & Y Management Styles, Proactive Coaching vs. Reactive Problem-Solving, Finding More Time in Your Day for Coaching and more.

2. Overcoming Resistance to Coaching

Many reps resist our coaching attempts, often without even realizing they are doing it.  Some agree to change, but then nothing changes.  Others blame the system, or say “I tried that and it didn’t work for me.”  This webinar provides great tools for overcoming various types and degrees of resistance so you and the rep can get back to having fun and performing at a high level.

3. Effective Coaching Structure for Long-Term Sustainability (of Positive Performance)

In most centers, there is a plan and expectation for how long the leader should be on the floor with reps, but rarely is that expectation met.  Much too often, the leader also spends all that time in a problem-solving capacity, rather than in a true, proactive coaching role.  This webinar will help solve those issues by providing a complete structure for maximizing the leaders’ time and spending more of it on the center floor.  The webinar will cover the Importance of Floor-Coaching, Introduction to “On-The-Fly Coaching” and Building Your Own Daily Power Hour.  After the webinar, we will work with your senior leadership team to make sure the structural elements are tailored to your center’s needs and then implemented.

4. Trend-Based Coaching Strategies for One-On-One Meetings

Can your leaders’ one-on-one meetings with their reps use a boost?  In many one-on-one coaching meetings, reps and leaders listen to recorded calls, but these calls rarely uncover the rep’s true Strengths and Areas of Opportunity.  This webinar introduces the concept and structure of “Trend-Based Coaching,” identifying the Rep’s top three Strengths and Areas of Opportunity prior to the one-on-one.  Additionally, the webinar will provide a complete structure a one-on-one meeting so the rep has full buy-in and walks away with a very useful plan of action for sustaining Strengths and improving Areas of Opportunity – quickly.

5. Critical Floor-Coaching Skills

We have pulled three of the top floor-coaching skills from our full Call Center Floor Management workshop and will provide them in this webinar.  When these powerful coaching skills are used every day on the center floor, performance increases immediately.  The webinar covers the Structure for an On-The-Fly Coaching Conversation, Balanced Feedback, Setting a One-Day Skill Objective and Leveraging Yesterday’s Success.

6. Daily Goal-Setting-Do’s and Don’ts

Daily Goal-Setting is a smart strategy for any center.  This webinar covers the basics of setting a performance goal for each rep.  It also covers targeted goal-setting conversations; Daily Goal-Setting for a Positively Trending Rep (Breaking Records), and Daily Goal-Setting for a Negatively Trending Rep (Getting Back on Track Quickly).

7. Framing the Agent’s Performance Day

This webinar shows leaders how to frame the agent’s day with a combination of Pre-Shift and Post-Shift messaging, along with the integration of a Daily Power Hour and incorporating several “Floor Excursions” during the day.  When all the pieces are in place, reps perform at higher levels because their focus is on Excellence.  This strategy is also a very efficient use of the leader’s time.   

Pricing for Webinars

Each webinar can be delivered as a 3-hour or 5-hour session.  A 3-hour session will provide great content, skill and practice.  A 5-hour session will do an even deeper dive into the topic.  Pricing is US Dollars.

3-Hour Session: $699.00
5-Hour Session: $999.00


Contact us today.  We can discuss your center's specific goals, challenges and ways to improve performance through your customized webinar. 

Webinars By CCTS

All Call Center Training Solutions Live Webinars have the following Benefits.

  • Extremely interactive - very similar to one of our live, in-person training sessions.
  • Customized content and skills.
  • Time is always included for role-play/practice.
  • Really fun - we bring great skills and tools, but we also know how important it is for participants to have a great time while learning.
  • Follow-up is included to make sure your employees really master the skills.

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