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Service Booster Webinars

Here is a description of all the available Service Booster webinars.  Contact us with questions or to get started at 1-954-729-2160 or e-mail

1. Improving the Customer Connection

On a service call, the customer who connects with the service rep will usually be more patient and forgiving to the rep.  In most cases, even when customers are frustrated with their service, connecting with them is very possible.  This webinar offers Techniques for Connecting in the Call Opening as well as Connection Points that must be maintained throughout the call for a great customer experience.

2. Common Service Mistakes and Solutions

This webinar introduces Six Common Mistakes service reps make (e.g. “Talking to the Desktop,” “Not responding with Urgency”) that cause customers to become frustrated and lash out (and more likely to call back in a second time).  Participants will learn great Solutions for each Mistake so they can turn average calls into excellent calls.

3. Mastering the Call Opening

For quality and the customer experience, the Call Opening is the most important call step.  It is even more important than the actual resolution we provide.  This webinar does a deep dive into the Call Opening and provides a road map and key skills to master this critical step.  Participants will walk away with best practices for Introductions, Accountability Statements, Expressing Empathy and Establishing Call Control.

4. First-Call Resolution Best Practices

This powerful webinar provides skills for communicating with a customer throughout the service request, dramatically increasing the chance for a single call – no need for a call back.  Participants will learn best practice techniques for Establishing the Resolution Process, Understanding the Real Issue, Solving for Today’s Problem and Tomorrow’s (no more “applying Band-Aids”), Proposing a Resolution to Gain Agreement, “Celebrating” Completion and Wrapping Up the Call

5. Servicing Intangibles (Listening, Empathy, Responsiveness and Positive Communication)

Most service reps know how to navigate the system and solve the problem, but customer experience satisfaction is as much a result of the communication on the call as it is the resolution.  This webinar provides best practices for Better Listening (through better Questions), Understanding Empathy, Effective Ways to Express Empathy, Sounding More Responsive and Five Easy Ways to Communicate More Positively.

6. Memorable Call Wraps

People remember beginnings and ends of events more than they remember the middles.  The Call Wrap will be easy for them to remember, so what lasting memory are you going to provide?  This module provides best practices for a) Making Sure the Caller is Fully Satisfied (to prevent unnecessary callbacks), and b) Leaving the Caller with a Genuine, Positive Last Few Comments so they have a positive lasting memory of the call.  This will prevent Call Wraps from sounding stiff and mechanical to the caller.

7. Responding to Irate Callers

Many service reps struggle when they hear an angry or very frustrated caller.  The good news is that, with some practice, most reps can master the technique of calming these customers down.  This will prevent customers from cancelling with us and moving to our competition.  The webinar provides proven skills for calming Irate Callers by Increasing the Urgency of Our Response, Strong Targeted Apologies, Stressing Our Ownership of the Issue, Presenting Our Plan to Resolve the Issue, and Gaining the Client’s Agreement to Proceed.

Pricing for Webinars

Each webinar can be delivered as a 3-hour or 5-hour session.  A 3-hour session will provide great content, skill and practice.  A 5-hour session will do an even deeper dive into the topic.  Pricing is US Dollars.

3-Hour Session: $699.00
5-Hour Session: $999.00

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Webinars By CCTS

All Call Center Training Solutions Live Webinars have the following Benefits.

  • Extremely interactive - very similar to one of our live, in-person training sessions.
  • Customized content and skills.
  • Time is always included for role-play/practice.
  • Really fun - we bring great skills and tools, but we also know how important it is for participants to have a great time while learning.
  • Follow-up is included to make sure your employees really master the skills.

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