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Boost Performance Quickly with a Customized Live Webinar

Performance Booster Webinars in All Call Center Areas

Live webinars provide a quick and easy way to focus on a single skill area of sales, service or floor management and coaching.  

3-Hour and 5-Hour Webinar Sessions

All webinars listed below offer a 3-hour version (one break in the middle) and a 5-hour version (close to a full day of training - can be split into two days).  Both versions will provide plenty of group activity and role-playing.  Choose the five-hour version for an even deeper dive into the skill, or if your group has more than 20 participants (to make sure we can get everyone invovled and answer everyone's questions). 

Webinar Pricing

All 3-Hour Sessions:  $699.00
All 5-Hour Sessions:  $999.00

Contact us today at 954-729-2160 or with additional questions or to schedule the webinar(s) your company needs.    

Management Webinars - "Coaching Booster" Series

Coaching Booster Webinars can up-skill your leadership team today, so performance literally improves tomorrow - center-wide.

  • Foundational Principles for Being a Great Coach/Leader/Manager
  • Overcoming Resistance to Coaching
  • Effective Coaching Structure for Long-term Sustainability (of positive performance)
  • Critical Floor-Coaching Skills
  • Daily Goal-Setting Skills
  • Framing the Agent’s Performance Day

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Selling Webinars - "Sales Booster" Series

Sales Booster Webinars can translate into more sales and higher-value sales quickly.

  • Five Ways to Improve Our Chance for a Sale on Every Call
  • Outbound Calling – Common Mistakes and Solutions
  • Outbound Calling – The First 30 Seconds (Including Early-Call Objections)
  • A Stronger Connection Equals an Easier Sale
  • Discovery – the Lost Art of Uncovering True Needs Quickly
  • More Impactful Product Offers and Value-Drivers
  • Closing with Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Overcoming More Late-Call Objections (Including "Price," "Talk to Spouse/Boss" and "Send Me a Brochure")

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Customer Care/Service Webinars - "Service Booster" Series

Service Booster Webinars are perfect for achieving truly memorable customer experiences.

  • Improving the Customer Connection
  • Common Service Mistakes and Solutions
  • Mastering the Call Opening
  • First-Call Resolution Best Practices
  • Service Intangibles (Listening, Empathy, Responsiveness, Positive Communication)
  • Memorable Call Wraps
  • Responding to Irate Callers

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Webinar Information

Pre-Webinar Preparation

  • We customize the content to your real world.
  • We will meet with you by phone to discuss your center's goals and challenges.
  • We can meet with superivsors, trainers and agents as well.
  • We are happy to listen to recorded calls to better understand your call flow and call types.

Webinar Details

  • We use WEBEX or you can set the webinar up with your service and share the screen with our presenter.
  • We can record the webinar and send you the recording.
  • All Media will be made available to you.
  • Depending on availability, webinars can be set up for the same week that you contact us.

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