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Own Our Training Program for Unlimited Long-Term Value

Investing in a Call Center Training Solutions’ Single-Site or Multi-Site License is an excellent fit for call centers with 50 or more agents. Although proven telephone training is never cheap, taking advantage of a Site License offers years of Value with no strings attached.

What Is A Training License?

You invest in a one-time fee to own Telephone Sales MasterySuperior Service or Call Center Floor Management. We build your customized program for your center and your calls.  We certify your training team.  You can then train your new program in an unlimited number of times and ways. There are no restrictions, other than the location where you train the program.

Single-Site License: You own our program for a single call center location/campus/city.

Multi-Site License: Your License allows you to train the program at multiple centers you designate.

Owning a License means you can modify content any time you want. You own the program forever. We have clients that purchased their licenses back in 1997 who are still training their programs today! Now that’s long-term Value.

Our Certifications Make Sure Your Trainers Hit the Ground Running

Purchasing a License would be a waste of money if your trainers do not learn the best ways to deliver the program. Our four-day instructor Certifications are thorough and rigorous (and fun). Your trainers will be completely ready to deliver the course upon completion of the Certification.

Contact Us for pricing and more information about our Training Licenses.

What's Included?

Every Site License includes the following Deliverables

  • Thorough Front-End Analysis & Course Customization
  • 1 Four-Day Instructor Certification
  • 1 Two-Day Pilot Workshop
  • Comprehensive Customized Instructors Manuals
  • Participant Guides
  • Electronic Delivery of all Files
  • Multiple Follow-Up Telephone Meetings & Support
  • Multiple Media Types (slides, handouts, flip charts, etc.)
  • Multiple Job Aids and Call Flow Examples
  • Customzied Support Videos Available (extra fee)

Your new, customized training program is waiting for you.