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Agents Sound Weak When They Make Their Product Recommendations

The Challenge

We have all heard it before. We hear an agent sleepily read through a product offer that would never get us excited to buy – unless we were already planning on buying. For a sales center that has to meet high sales goals, these agents are taking up space and not giving very much in return. Weak sales offers are painful to hear and they never work. Soon enough, agents will begin telling management that the product does not sell or that the price is too high. This is not the problem.

The Core Problem

The core problem here is the agent’s mindset. Any agent that is willing to make sleepy offers does not “get it”. Successful selling is a combination of a pretty decent product with great selling skills. The main problem for these agents is that they believe the sale begins at the product presentation. The sale actually begins at the beginning of the call, when the agent says “hello”.

Solution: Telephone Sales Mastery Presents a Complete Selling Mindset

There is just no way to make it through an entire Telephone Sales Mastery workshop and still conclude that sales success comes from great product presentations alone. TSM equips sales people with a unique selling approach. The workshop provides a great process for connecting with clients so they open up, uncovering hidden needs/issues that most agents miss, and the ability to tie those needs/issues back in when making the product presentation. But TSM goes a step further. TSM’s skills are so client-friendly that customers will feel like the agents are not selling at all. Rather, they end up liking the agents and appreciating their “curiosity” about the client’s interests.

Try TSM and watch your sales increase while never having to hear a weak offer again.

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Telephone Sales Mastery

We created the Telephone Sales Mastery workshop to up-skill new and veteran sales agents with better tools to sell more successfully. Using TSM’s proven approach, they will find more hidden needs and tailor product presentations to client interests. This causes a strong urgency to buy today.

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Telephone Sales Mastery is Built Around the Following Elements

  • Thorough Pre-Training Analysis to Choose the Best TSM Skills for You
  • Customized to Your Real Telephone Dialogues
  • Telephone-Friendly Techniques
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Easy To Coach
  • Flexible and Sustainable

Contact Us today to see whether Telephone Sales Mastery Inbound / Outbound is the right fit for your center’s needs.