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Supervisors prefer to Problem-Solve, not Proactively Coach the Floor

The Challenge

This is much more prevalent in inbound sales and service, but we even witness it occasionally in outbound sales. Every center knows exactly how long the supervisor is required to be on the floor each day in a coaching capacity, but few provide any coaching at all. We find that as little as 5% of a supervisor’s time is spent floor-coaching. What are they doing instead? Floor problem-solving. All supervisors will have to solve problems during the day, but there must also be designated times for floor-coaching.

The Core Problem

This makes sense, when you think about it. Everyone is happy when the supervisor comes over and solves a problem. When the supervisor comes over, however, to tell an agent that he/she needs to start closing for the sale much more assertively, the fear is that the agent is going to feel bad. Now that supervisor feels like the “bad cop”.

Solution: The Call Center Floor Management Workshop Changes Paradigms

Centers with this Challenge are screaming for a paradigm shift, one that presents floor coaching in a positive light, which is where it should have always been. In the CCFM workshop, supervisors receive extensive training and proven principles on why floor-coaching is good for the agent, despite how he/she may initially feel. Additionally, the more we provide clear, accurate floor-coaching, the easier it is to receive. After CCFM, many agents start asking for feedback so they get better and they forget all about how they are supposed to feel badly about it.

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Call Center Floor Management

Call Center Floor Management

Our Call Center Floor Management workshop will help you transform your center into a proactive and cohesive unit, meeting higher performance expectations and maintaining better floor accountability.

CCFM Achieves Three Main Goals

  • A new, organized and strategic approach to floor-coaching and driving sales/service.
  • Supervisors will be equipped with excellent coaching and floor management skills.
  • There will be improved, center-wide communication, with all parties feeling a sense of responsibility to their specific performance objectives.