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Floor Management Challenges

There is no Accountability on the Floor

The Challenge

A lack of Accountability can have many different looks, but here is a description of one of the most common set of circumstances we see. In general, agents “do their thing”. Supervisors put out fires and keep everyone updated on the numbers, and most of their time is spent solving floor problems, doing reports and participating in meetings.

The Core Problem

With everyone being so busy doing the same old thing, no one is pushing the floor to do its best. Everybody is too busy to stop and change things for the better. By this time, many bad habits have developed at the agent and supervisor levels that there are no simple answers. The center will have a hard time digging itself out of the hole.

Solution: The Call Center Floor Management Workshop Creates Accountability

CCFM is much more than a training workshop. Prior to the training, we work with senior management to identify the roadblocks to better performance. We work with your supervisor team to build a more effective floor-coaching plan and strategy. We help you analyze current levels of performance to determine how much better the center can be. We help you build the right communication with the agent population so they know the needed changes are coming and why. Once these changes have been implemented and supervisors are conducting their regular floor-coaching, you will achieve a level of Accountability that is easily sustainable.

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Call Center Floor Management

Call Center Floor Management

Our Call Center Floor Management workshop will help you transform your center into a proactive and cohesive unit, meeting higher performance expectations and maintaining better floor accountability.

CCFM Achieves Three Main Goals

  • A new, organized and strategic approach to floor-coaching and driving sales/service.
  • Supervisors will be equipped with excellent coaching and floor management skills.
  • There will be improved, center-wide communication, with all parties feeling a sense of responsibility to their specific performance objectives.