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How To Achieve Sales Success in Your Center: Part 2

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Success Factor Number Two: Know Your Numbers

This is our second post in the series: How To Achieve Sales Success in Your Center.  To be successful for the long term, you definitely need to know your numbers ± every day.  Make it a passion. 

Call centers have some of the best metrics of any industry.  We know how long your last call took and how long your calls take on average.  We know how many times you try to overcome objections.  We know how your compliance numbers compare to those of your peers. 

To the agent who wants long-term success, the most important metrics are those that deal with closing and conversion.  Successful agents usually know these numbers and use them to stay motivated and focused.

You do not need a lot of sophisticated metrics to make this work.  All you need is the following.

Calculating Your Closing Ratio

Total Number of Calls Where a Sale is Possible:  If you receive service calls with no chance to make an offer, do not include these calls.  Include all calls where there is the possibility of a sale, even if unlikely.

Total Sales Per Day: To build consistency, we recommend taking your average sales per day for the last three to six months.

Divide Sales By Calls: If you have 20 sales and you took 200 calls, divide 20 by 200 and you have your closing ratio.  In this case your number would be 10%.

Okay.  You Have the Number.  Now What?

Now that you have your number, here are a few ways it can help you. 

Stay Motivated Until the Next Sale: If it has been five or six calls since your last sale, you know a sale is coming soon.  It is truly just a matter of time.  Work hard on every call, of course.  Sometimes, you can make two sales in five calls and now you are ahead of your ratio for the day.

Work to Improve Your Ratio: Keep getting better at all aspects of your sales call so you improve your closing ratio.  Now that you know it, you can watch as your ratio gets better.

If You Have a Bad Day: If you had no sales on Monday, you can look forward to Tuesday, knowing that things are very likely to get better.

If You Have a Great Day: If Monday was an excellent selling day, should you  cruise on Tuesday?   No.  Always try to make the next day a strong selling day, too.  This is how you improve your closing ratio for the long-term.  Consolidate your successful day by having a second strong day in a row.

Knowing and managing your closing ratio helps you determine the income you want to make.  You can keep yourself motivated and focused, too.  This is one of the best ways to keep your sales health strong in a call center.