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Telephone Sales Mastery Inbound


Custom-Built Program Focused on the Following Skill Sets

Each client’s Telephone Mastery Program will be built primarily from the following skills sets.  We will bring in other skills and best practices, based on your Call Types (Verification best practices, Transitioning from a Service call to a Sales Offer, Closing for Appointments vs. Closing for a Sale, etc.).  Every TSM program is different and targeted to your common telephone dialogues. 

Day One

Module One: Fundamentals of Inbound Selling Excellence

The Starting Point for Sales People and the foundation of the course

  • 10 Key Principles of Selling
  • Study data on why buyers buy (or don’t buy)
  • Connecting with your Customer – the earlier the better
  • Common Inbound Selling Mistakes
  • The Road to long-term Sales Success
  • Skills Inventory-Knowing your Personal Strengths and Struggles
  • Goal-Setting-Course Goals, Daily and Weekly Goals

Module Two: The Call Opening

Skills that Connect us with Callers while we establish Call Control

  • The Importance of the Call Opening
  • Common Call Opening Mistakes and Solutions
  • Establishing Call Control
  • Setting Peak, Intermediate & Minimum Call Goals
  • Connecting-Being Interesting and Interested
  • Call Opening Non-Verbal best practices
  • The “Great Greeting” Process
  • Team Activity: Teams create their own Great Greeting dialogue
  • Role Play Activity: Individuals demonstrate the Great Greeting

Module Three: Discovery Skills

  Uncovering the real reasons clients want to buy
  • Why do we ask Questions?
  • Ineffective Questioning Strategies and their Consequences
  • Five Best Practice Question Types
  • Validating Comments-Preventing Discoveries from becoming Interrogations
  • Non-Verbals for the Discovery Dialogue
  • Key Questioning Strategies for uncovering Interests, Needs and Hot Buttons
  • Questioning skills for Confirming Needs and Summarizing the dialogue
  • Team Activity: Teams build their own complete Discovery Dialogue
  • Role Play Activity: Individuals demonstrate Discovery Strategies

Day Two

Module Four: Presenting Solutions

Bringing your products and services to life in the client’s mind

  • The “Irrelevant Pitch” and how to avoid it
  • Implied vs. Expressed Value
  • Refocusing the client’s attention after Discovery
  • Tying product offers to Learned Needs
  • Turning Features into Solutions
  • Features, Value and Value Drivers
  • Activity: Identify your Key Features and create Value Statements
  • The Feature-Function-Value Statement
  • Creating “FFV Scenarios”
  • Team Activity: Teams create complete Discovery/FFV Scenarios
  • Role Play Activity: Individuals demonstrate a complete Discovery and FFV Scenario

Module Five: Assertively Closing for the Sale

Being bold and inviting the client to become an owner of your product

  • Being Assertive (bold and excited) vs. Aggressive (pushy and bullying)
  • We have earned the right to ask them to Buy!
  • Common Closing Bad Habits
  • The Assertive Close
  • Additional Closing Techniques
  • Team Activity: Teams create Assertive Closing dialogues
  • Role Play Activity: Individuals demonstrate multiple Closing techniques

Module Six: Responding to Objections

Mastering the skill of Outweighing the Objection instead of Out-Arguing the Caller

  • Why Should We try to respond to Objections?
  • Your Common Late-Call Objections
  • Uncovering the often hidden Primary Concern
  • Confirming Interest in Buying
  • Strong Acknowledge Statements for Objections
  • The Value for Objections Process
  • 3 Elements for an Excellent Objection Response
  • Sample Best Practice Responses for Common Objections
  • Responses for Price Objections
  • Responses for "Have to talk to the Wife/Boss"
  • Responses for "Can you e-mail me some info?"
  • Responses for "I need to think about it"
  • Team Activity: Teams create effective Objection Responses
  • Role Play Activity: Individuals demonstrate the Value for Objection Process

Final Major Role Play

After a preparation break, the group is broken into teams.  Each team will role play the entire TSM Sales Process in individual role play activities.  Case scenarios are provided as well as various job aids to make this role play activity a success.

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Coaching and Reinforcement

Does your Leadership truly know how to Coach and Reinforce your Agents' Selling Skills?

Inevitably, we find that every successful sales training and selling initiative begins with leadership.  Leaders must prepare agents for the training, set goals and then recap with agents when they return from the class.

  • Floor Time: Leaders then need time each day on the center floor, encouraging and holding agents accountable to start using their new skills.  
  • Celebrate Successes: As agents start to master the skills, leaders must be there to support, encourage and celebrate the new advances. 
  • CCFM: These skills are all part of our Call Center Floor Management program.  Even if you feel like your current set of selling skills is sufficient, we rarely come across a center that has figured out proper coaching and support.

Learn about CCFM today!  If your center can benefit from a boost to your front line leaders' coaching skill set, check out our Call Center Floor Management program right now.


Not sure if Call Center Training Solutions' courses are really going to work in your center? Ask us for referrals.  We will be happy to provide you with a few clients to speak with.  They can tell you about their successful experiences with our programs and even share tips they learned during their center's implementation.