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Every Call Sounds Completely Different - No Consistency and, therefore, No Quality

The Challenge

At a time when a quality customer contact is more critical than ever, your agents all handle calls differently. If you were to tap into twenty phone calls, you would hear twenty very different ways agents are responding to your clients. This becomes a quality problem because supervisors cannot manage to a specific expectation. You either have to be masters of hiring the very best people or your customer satisfaction will decrease, little by little, every month.

The Core Problem

Besides being an Accountability issue with management (see Management Challenges), this may mean that your current, endorsed customer service skills are not robust enough for the types of calls agents handle today. Perhaps the skills have been around for so long that no one remembers what they are, but everyone thinks they use them. “Yeah, we all practice ‘Customer-Focused Service’ here. After all, CFS is our core servicing strategy.” If you cannot pinpoint specific examples of CFS on most calls, it means there is no current strategy. One more problem could be that your current service skills are not really skills, but guidelines. “Step One: Greet Caller With Energy.” That is a guideline, not a skill. Skills provide the expected wording for each step.

Solution: The Superior Service Workshop Provides Real Skills that Will Work Right Now

Superior Service provides the actual things agents should be saying on calls. We do not believe in scripting, but we are huge fans of specific steps that include multiple examples of how to deliver the step on the phone. Superior Service introduces a proven formula for proactive customer service as well as skills and steps for everything an agent will encounter, both common and uncommon. Implementing Superior Service will give your center a set of skills they can be proud to use on calls. And that will bring you much more consistency, no matter which agent you tap into.

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Superior Service

Our Superior Service workshop offers a series of dynamic, proactive skills that re-equip CSRs so they can a) handle any issue with an empathetic, proactive response, and b) offer world class service to your customers.

Superior Service Offers Proven New Skills in These Areas

  • Single-Call Resolution
  • Greetings
  • Strong Voice and Vocal Variety
  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Proactive Listening Skills
  • Quick, Effective Rapport-Building
  • Accurate Problem Diagnosis
  • Clear Resolution Recommendations
  • Much Better Holds and Transfers
  • Dealing Effectively with Irate Callers
  • Better Call Wraps
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Leaving Voice Mail Messages
  • Creating Better Voice Mail Greetings

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