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We Give Away Too Much when Clients are Upset

The Challenge

Agents are giving away far too many credit dollars because clients are upset. Credit dollars come in the forms of free months of service, refunds, reductions in a bill, or even upgrading clients to higher end products/services for free. Although we are all for giving credits when they make sense, doing this too frequently can drastically reduce overall profit margin. It also trains clients to call in, pretend to be upset, and try getting a credit any time a small problem occurs.

The Core Problem

This one usually boils down to control. Agents need to immediately take control but they may not know how. Untrained agents are in a bad position. They believe that giving something will pacify the caller better than anything else. The more they do it, the more it seems like the right thing to do. Left untrained, these agents will become convinced that this is the only solution until “management gets its ____ together!”

Solution: The Superior Service Workshop Will Bring Control and Better Responses

These agents need a better way to respond. Superior Service offers a complete strategy for working smarter with the client. The first thing participants learn is to seize control, become proactive and empathetic (not sympathetic) and show the client how eager they are to fix the problem. Many clients will be satisfied with the sound of an agent who “gets it” and their product being fixed, and will not expect credits. For those that say, “Well, I think I should get something for my problems,” Superior Service offers a unique process for starting smaller. That way, if a credit is necessary, it will not always be costly to deliver.

Superior Service provides these skills and agents practice them thoroughly during the workshop. After participating in Superior Service, your agents will have a more financially sound method for making clients happy.

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Superior Service

Our Superior Service workshop offers a series of dynamic, proactive skills that re-equip CSRs so they can a) handle any issue with an empathetic, proactive response, and b) offer world class service to your customers.

Superior Service Offers Proven New Skills in These Areas

  • Single-Call Resolution
  • Greetings
  • Strong Voice and Vocal Variety
  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Proactive Listening Skills
  • Quick, Effective Rapport-Building
  • Accurate Problem Diagnosis
  • Clear Resolution Recommendations
  • Much Better Holds and Transfers
  • Dealing Effectively with Irate Callers
  • Better Call Wraps
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Leaving Voice Mail Messages
  • Creating Better Voice Mail Greetings

Contact Us today to see whether Superior Service is the right fit for your center’s needs.