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Too Many Angry Clients Exhaust the Agents Every Day

The Challenge

Too many irate callers each day. Typically, “too many” occurs at about 30% of all calls received. By the end of their work day, agents feel beaten down, frustrated and angry. They are angry at callers for being so rude and inconsiderate. They are angry at the company for not doing enough to bring them relief.

The Core Problem

This very common Challenge occurs for three main reasons. First your products or billing have been unreliable lately and more clients than usual are upset when they call. Second, the process by which clients contact your center is faulty, filled with long hold times for the client. This may be due to being short-handed or from a confusing IVR. The third reason is that the agents themselves are causing many of the clients to become frustrated and lash out at them. We will focus on the second and third reasons for these critical problems.

Solution: The Superior Service Workshop Can Bring the Needed Relief from Irate Callers

No one likes to believe that they are the cause of a problem. Unfortunately, in some centers, it is the reality. If clients are already frustrated with their product, they will have a short fuse. If we know we are going to receive a lot of these calls, it is imperative that we expect them and use the right skills to prevent them from escalating.

Superior Service introduces a proven, Single-Call Resolution process that begins with a great greeting, calming, proactive responses to client problems and analysis skills that accurately diagnose problems (so clients do not have to repeat themselves). Follow this up with a proactive, eager explanation of how we will solve their problem and most clients would never consider becoming angry. Employing Superior Service’s Single Call Resolution steps brings a higher level of problem-solving and professionalism to the dialogue, and that will keep clients from becoming irate.

If your center has a confusing IVR or a long queue due to being short-handed, act quickly to solve these problems. Agents can make an impact on some of these callers, but management must step in and generate real resolutions as quickly as possible. Confusing IVRs are an easy fix. Your supervisors probably have great improvement ideas. If your center is shorthanded, chances are very good that it is time to direct lower value calls to the web site (e.g. “I need directions to your building.”). Every day you wait will increase attrition. In this economy, every client matters more than ever.

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Superior Service

Our Superior Service workshop offers a series of dynamic, proactive skills that re-equip CSRs so they can a) handle any issue with an empathetic, proactive response, and b) offer world class service to your customers.

Superior Service Offers Proven New Skills in These Areas

  • Single-Call Resolution
  • Greetings
  • Strong Voice and Vocal Variety
  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Proactive Listening Skills
  • Quick, Effective Rapport-Building
  • Accurate Problem Diagnosis
  • Clear Resolution Recommendations
  • Much Better Holds and Transfers
  • Dealing Effectively with Irate Callers
  • Better Call Wraps
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Leaving Voice Mail Messages
  • Creating Better Voice Mail Greetings

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