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Too Many of our Outbound Calls end at the Early-Call Objections (e.g. "Too Busy To Talk Right Now.)

The Challenge

The Initial Objection is the greatest challenge in most outbound environments. Hearing “I’m just not interested,” seventy-five times each day can bring down some of the brightest agents.

The Core Problem

This is, of course, the nature of the beast. Outbound and early-call (Initial) objections are like hot dogs and buns. You usually get both. The problem is two-fold. First, most agents do not have enough techniques to break through Initial Objection.  Second, most agents sympathize with clients when they say “I’m right in the middle of dinner” and, therefore, become deflated.

Solution: Telephone Sales Mastery Provides Tools and Principles for Handling the Initial Objection

Telephone Sales Mastery Outbound prepares sales agents in two ways. The first is by Reframing the Initial Objection. Rigorous training goes into changing agents’ mindsets about client claims of being too busy to talk. After all, why did they pick up the phone if they were so busy?

The second is by training skills for starting calls better. Improved Greetings - with more energy, clarity, charisma, purpose and value - mean more clients are going to listen to the agent. Agents learn about the Preemptive Statement. This technique makes most clients feel a bit guilty about hanging up – it “preempts” the client before being able to object. These proven techniques are very flexible and can be employed on all calls, and that means more sales opportunities. Change the way game is played and watch your sales results soar.

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Click Here to See an Overview of Telephone Sales Mastery Outbound

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Telephone Sales Mastery

We created the Telephone Sales Mastery workshop to up-skill new and veteran sales agents with better tools to sell more successfully. Using TSM’s proven approach, they will find more hidden needs and tailor product presentations to client interests. This causes a strong urgency to buy today.

Learn more about Telephone Sales Mastery Inbound »

Learn more about Telephone Sales Mastery Outbound »

Telephone Sales Mastery is Built Around the Following Elements

  • Thorough Pre-Training Analysis to Choose the Best TSM Skills for You
  • Customized to Your Real Telephone Dialogues
  • Telephone-Friendly Techniques
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Easy To Coach
  • Flexible and Sustainable

Contact Us today to see whether Telephone Sales Mastery Inbound / Outbound is the right fit for your center’s needs.