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Our Outbound Agents Always Rush Through the Greeting and are Hard to Understand

The Challenge

Agents that rush the beginning of their outbound calls, for whatever reason, are very hard to understand and often sound like they are mumbling. Even with perfect speech, they can still be difficult to follow. The client’s brain is not ready to analyze  so much speech, so quickly after picking up the phone.

The Core Problem

Some agents are just “fast talkers”. This is usually due to nervous energy. Most of us have some level of nervous energy. These folks are easy to coach with daily goal-setting. The tougher agents are those that rush through the opening deliberately, so they can get to the product offer before the caller objects. They conclude, “Hey I may be rushing, but at least this guy heard the offer and knows what he is objecting to”. This is a false belief. Most of these callers will not hear the offer’s details. They are just waiting for a pause so they can object or hang up.

Solution: Telephone Sales Mastery Will Change the Speed-Talker’s Paradigms about Selling

Telephone Sales Mastery Outbound stresses that most clients are won over in the Greeting. Clients assign a certain level of respect to the agent based on what they first hear. If they assign more respect, they will listen to the details of a sales offer. If not, they will listen only long enough to object. TSM Outbound offers a great approach to the Greeting and even builds in techniques (e.g. Preemptive Statement) that actually prevent clients from objecting. With more clients listening, there are more opportunities for sales. Employing the skills from TSM Outbound, and slowing down to use them right, will pay big dividends; more respect, more clients listening and more sales.

Click Here to See an Overview of Telephone Sales Mastery Inbound

Click Here to See an Overview of Telephone Sales Mastery Outbound

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Telephone Sales Mastery

We created the Telephone Sales Mastery workshop to up-skill new and veteran sales agents with better tools to sell more successfully. Using TSM’s proven approach, they will find more hidden needs and tailor product presentations to client interests. This causes a strong urgency to buy today.

Learn more about Telephone Sales Mastery Inbound »

Learn more about Telephone Sales Mastery Outbound »

Telephone Sales Mastery is Built Around the Following Elements

  • Thorough Pre-Training Analysis to Choose the Best TSM Skills for You
  • Customized to Your Real Telephone Dialogues
  • Telephone-Friendly Techniques
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Easy To Coach
  • Flexible and Sustainable

Contact Us today to see whether Telephone Sales Mastery Inbound / Outbound is the right fit for your center’s needs.