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Agents Always Offer the Lowest Priced Products and Never Up-Sell

The Challenge

Stephen, a computer sales agent, has the choice to offer the 19” monitor for $169.00 or the 21” monitor for $260.00. The company hopes he will offer the 21” monitor because there is slightly more profit margin to be gained and the client will surely be happier with his honkin’ big display. “So, we also have to decide on a monitor, Mr. Peters. We have the 19” flat screen that is one of our biggest sellers, and that’s only $169.00.” “Yeah, that’s fine.” Booh! Yuck! There is your challenge. The client never even heard about the better monitor.

The Core Problem

The core problem is that sales agents are not thinking strategically. They are thinking with their own wallets in mind, which is the big problem. We have several international airline clients. Using the “my wallet mindset”, imagine trying to get agents (college kids) to recommend First Class to London rather than Business, for only $3800.00 more. It will almost never happen. The sales agent thinks, “I would never pay $3800.00 more for anything, let alone something that will be over in less than 10 hours!” With this mindset, sales agents will always fear offering the higher-priced product. They worry that they will lose the sale.

Solution: Telephone Sales Mastery Redefines the Paradigm on Up-Selling

We cannot list all the reasons and techniques here, but Telephone Sales Mastery is exactly what these sales agents need. TSM tackles this issue in three ways. First, we prove to every agent that money is completely subjective. Customers who are willing to pay $650.00 for a computer are usually glad to pay $741.00 to get the upgraded, big-honkin’ monitor - if we can show them the value. Agents learn that their mindsets cost them (and their companies) big bucks every year. (Those airline agents are not talking to people with no budget if they are already planning to fly Business Class.) Second, TSM gives agents the skills to uncover the needs and issues that will justify the larger product. “Oh, you’re a graphic designer. That’s great to know.” This guy can probably use every bit of screen space he can get his hands on.

Finally, TSM points out that price concerns (from possible Late-Call Objections) are easier to overcome than agents think. If the client objects to the price of the larger monitor, the agent does not have a $741.00 objection. He has a $91.00 objection (the difference in price between the 19” and 21” monitors). This seems obvious, but many agents do not realize that the objection is about the price differential. TSM skills, combined with the “price differential mindset”, can overcome these objections much more often than agents expect. Your clients will be happier with bigger/better and you will increase your profit margin.

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Telephone Sales Mastery

We created the Telephone Sales Mastery workshop to up-skill new and veteran sales agents with better tools to sell more successfully. Using TSM’s proven approach, they will find more hidden needs and tailor product presentations to client interests. This causes a strong urgency to buy today.

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Telephone Sales Mastery is Built Around the Following Elements

  • Thorough Pre-Training Analysis to Choose the Best TSM Skills for You
  • Customized to Your Real Telephone Dialogues
  • Telephone-Friendly Techniques
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Easy To Coach
  • Flexible and Sustainable

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