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Call Center Challenges

Floor Management Challenges

Supervisors are Stubborn and They Won't Get Out There and Drive Sales

The Challenge

Many centers have veteran supervisors that will not provide the right amount of floor-coaching for any number of reasons. In our Call Center Floor Management workshop, we stress that there is no substitute for floor-coaching. No amount of remote observations, QA reports or team motivational meetings will sustain strong performance without supervisors being out on the floor, coaching and driving sales. Even compensation plans do not inspire every agent, so floor-coaching is a must.

The Core Problem

The problem usually boils down to one of two. First, veteran supervisors may never have done the job the way the agents do it today. Many centers, for example, used to be service only and are now service-to-sales. These supervisors feel that their coaching would be inferior or that the agents may push due to the supervisors’ lack of experience. Second, if supervisors are able to make their numbers without consistent floor-coaching, they would feel it is unnecessary. These situations are a dead giveaway that the center could actually perform much better, and perhaps now is the time to raise the targets.

Solutions: The Call Center Floor Management Workshop Changes Supervisors’ Mindsets

By the end of the CCFM workshop, supervisors are ready for any problem or agent issue. They all leave the workshop convinced that floor-coaching is their number one priority. Throughout the workshop, they learn new floor-coaching skills, practicing each one individually before moving on to the next. They are so immersed in floor-coaching that they are able to experience how valuable it is and how most center problems are solved by a strong floor-coaching strategy. By its nature, the Call Center Floor Management workshop will eliminate your supervisors’ resistance to floor-coaching. The sky is then the limit for how much your center can achieve.

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Call Center Floor Management

Call Center Floor Management

Our Call Center Floor Management workshop will help you transform your center into a proactive and cohesive unit, meeting higher performance expectations and maintaining better floor accountability.

CCFM Achieves Three Main Goals

  • A new, organized and strategic approach to floor-coaching and driving sales/service.
  • Supervisors will be equipped with excellent coaching and floor management skills.
  • There will be improved, center-wide communication, with all parties feeling a sense of responsibility to their specific performance objectives.