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Call Center Challenges

Floor Management Challenges

Supervisors have so many Observations to do that they Never Have Time for Coaching Discussions

The Challenge

When there are no Quality Assurance personnel, supervisors do their own observation work. This is usually done by listening to banks of recorded calls and scoring them. Unfortunately, this takes so long that supervisors run out of time and do not give the feedback and coaching to the agents.

The Core Problem

The problem here is more than just a lack of time. Listening to calls is an antiquated way to find coaching opportunities. Supervisors usually have to listen to entire calls because they never know when a coaching opportunity is going to surface. If a center does not invest in the staff or technology needed to complete all these observations effectively, the problem will continue to get worse. In centers with high agent-to-supervisor ratios (above 17-1) the problem will be compounded. Somehow, supervisors must identify coaching opportunities without crippling the center.

Solution: The Call Center Floor Management Workshop Improves the Floor-Coaching System

One goal accomplished during a CCFM workshop is to build a new floor-coaching strategy and schedule. Every center is different, but we shoot for between one and two hours per day of dedicated floor-coaching per supervisor – with no interruptions for problem-solving allowed (the strategy takes care of this, too). In one-two hours per day of genuine floor-coaching, we have seen call centers transform completely, from average-at-best to best-in-class.

In CCFM, supervisors learn that the best use of this floor time is to “wander”, to walk the floor, listening for the best stuff (or worst) and finding coaching opportunities. A quick hand sign to the agent lets him/her know to flag down the supervisor when the call is over. The supervisor does not have to listen to the entire call and can move on. Coaching takes place right after the call is over. Supervisors can get between 10-20 quick coaching conversations done in their floor-coaching time, which dramatically reduces the need for formal coaching one-on-ones, and the need for so many remote observations. Problem truly solved!

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Call Center Floor Management

Call Center Floor Management

Our Call Center Floor Management workshop will help you transform your center into a proactive and cohesive unit, meeting higher performance expectations and maintaining better floor accountability.

CCFM Achieves Three Main Goals

  • A new, organized and strategic approach to floor-coaching and driving sales/service.
  • Supervisors will be equipped with excellent coaching and floor management skills.
  • There will be improved, center-wide communication, with all parties feeling a sense of responsibility to their specific performance objectives.