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Floor Management Challenges

There is no Consistency in the way Supervisors Provide their Coaching

The Challenge

In some centers, every supervisor does his/her own thing when it comes to coaching. This never leads to a better, healthier center. The longer the center waits to fix this Challenge, the harder it is to accomplish. Supervisors will dig their heels in, claiming that they know what they are doing and that the boat should not be rocked.

The Core Problem

When supervisors do their coaching independently of each other, there is no recognized system. Systems are easy to tweak and improve and keep healthy. Individuals doing their own thing are much more difficult to adjust and shape for the better. An absence of a floor-coaching system usually means that far less floor-coaching takes place. Agents may prefer the anonymity, but it will not help their telephone performance (or their income). This type of problem must be tackled by senior center management. Asking the supervisors to “clean things up” will only prolong the problem.

Solution: The Call Center Floor Management Workshop Builds Consistency

For supervisors, there is nothing better than having great relationships with their agents in which the supervisor holds a high level of respect from the agents and is recognized as the authority figure. During the CCFM workshop, we help your team build a quality floor-coaching system. After implementing this system agents will love their supervisors for all the right reasons and the results will increase.

The CCFM floor-coaching system implements between one-two hours per supervisor of dedicated floor-coaching time each day. The amount of time depends on the call center. During this time, there are no interruptions of any kind for floor-problem solving (the system polices this issue with the agents). Within two weeks, your floor-coaching time will rise exponentially from where it is today and the consistency your supervisors have been lacking will become a great strength.

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Call Center Floor Management

Call Center Floor Management

Our Call Center Floor Management workshop will help you transform your center into a proactive and cohesive unit, meeting higher performance expectations and maintaining better floor accountability.

CCFM Achieves Three Main Goals

  • A new, organized and strategic approach to floor-coaching and driving sales/service.
  • Supervisors will be equipped with excellent coaching and floor management skills.
  • There will be improved, center-wide communication, with all parties feeling a sense of responsibility to their specific performance objectives.