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Easy Center Improvements: Thank Your Agents Every Day

Friday, March 18th, 2011

The only person in a call center that works harder than the agent is you, the supervisor.  You signed on to deal with fifteen to twenty personalities and your work ends each day when you, well, go on vacation (unless you packed your Blackberry). 

Your agents are the other super hard workers.  They deal with a hundred customer complaints a day or just as many hang-ups, or some type of weird customer behavior on every call. 

Because supervisors work so hard and sometimes do not hear thanks for the efforts from their own bosses, they often forget to thank their agents.  Agents who feel appreciated usually work harder, stay more positive, have fewer sick days and get back from breaks on time.

Whether it is during the day or as they leave at the end of their shift, tell your agents,  Thanks so much for everything you did today.  I appreciate your effort and I appreciate your willingness to give this job your all.  Tomorrow, thank them in a different way.

Supervisors do not always have budget for a pizza party or a night out at the bowling alley, but they always have their hearts and feelings and can express thanks in an infinite number of ways.  Even a Post-It note can make a great canvas for painting a few words of appreciation.  Most of the time, the best way to keep an agent motivated is to share the two words that we so often forget.   Thank you.