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How to Achieve Sales Success in Your Center: Part 5

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Success Factor Number Five: Every Call Matters

This is the fifth post in our series: How to Achieve Sales Success in Your Center.

Successful sales people recognize that every call matters.  Every call has a chance for a sale.  Less successful sales people usually  write off certain potential buyers too quickly, based on any number of factors.


We call it  profiling when a sales agent decides to work hard or hardly work, based specifically on the caller­s personal characteristics. Maybe they are too old.  Maybe they have an accent that is harder to understand.  Maybe they are not friendly enough or patient enough for the sales agent.

Following the Wrong Trends

Profiling of any kind leads to lower sales results, so why would sales people ever profile?  Trends.  In some sales environments, senior citizens rarely buy, even when we sell effectively.  Some will buy, however, and that is why it is worth trying on every call.  Some sales people immediately stop selling when they hear a buyer with a heavy accent.  Perhaps they feel it will take too long to explain the product details or be too difficult.  Clients who are a little pushy or sound impatient are often profiled, too.

There is another reason why profiling is a bad idea.  If we keep doing it, over time, we will add more and more clients into the  don­t bother selling to category.   I didn­t like that type of buyer and I never seem to sell any of them, so I am not going to try.  Sales people generally do not think about this until a call comes along that they do not like.  Before you know it, half your calls are going to be filled with buyers you do not make a strong effort to sell.

Why do successful sales people try selling on every call?  If not, before you know it, you will be saying things like,  I get all the bad calls.  And that is just not logical.

Eliminating Profiling

So how do we get back on track and stop profiling?  Begin by setting some easy goals.   For the next hour, I am going to work very hard on every call, no matter who I am speaking with.  After a successful hour, try two hours, and then a half-day.  Before you know it, you will forget all about profiling and all your calls will matter to you.  That is going to translate into higher sales very quickly.

Selling on every call is one of the easiest ways to increase your sales and a key contributor to the results and wallets of successful sales people.  The bottom line is this.  The more leads you have, the greater your opportunity.  If you believe a sale is possible on every call, you will sell more of those buyers than the sales people who write them off before the call really gets started.