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Doubled Conversation on Home Delivery Product while also Increasing “Script Count”

Express Scripts is one of the largest Pharmacy Benefits Management companies in the US.  At the start of the training initiative, Express Scripts was in the process of reaching out to all its members, requiring them to make a decision to either a) choose Home Delivery for their long-term prescription medications, or b) remain with their local pharmacy.  Calls originated from and came into a 200-seat center in Missouri.  At the start, calls had a very low conversion of 31% to the Home Delivery product.  Express Scripts leadership was trying various ways to increase this number for more than a year.  They felt it should be much higher, considering that Home Delivery offered a 90-day supply for a lower price.  It removed the need to drive to a pharmacy, saving time, and Express Scripts used the most accurate medication filler (hi-speed bottle filler) in the US, greatly reducing the chance of an incorrect prescription being sent to a member.

Express Scripts leadership hoped to increase its conversion and increase its “script count,” the average number of prescriptions sent per member contact.

Unique Challenge

  • The ES agents (Advisors) already felt like they were working hard and doing a good job.  They did not want to feel pushy.
  • In their minds, any attempt to move more Members toward a Home Delivery option would have to be the Member’s decision only.
  • The floor management team had never been considered a strength of the center.
  • Very little coaching of any kind existed at the start of training.
  • CCTS saw the big opportunity in helping Advisors to realize that, if they “boldly” presented Home Delivery in a very positive light, members would see it as a value-add and a great decision, both from a convenience standpoint and a money savings.

Training Provided by Call Center Training Solutions

CCTS created a new service/sales blended program called The Member Connection Workshop.  This was a combined service-to-sales program from CCTS courses, Superior Service, Telephone Sales Mastery Inbound and Telephone Sales Mastery Outbound (although we did not call it a “sales” program).

  • Training’s Big Idea: Dramatically improve connections with members on calls.  Discuss members’ opinions about their prescription-buying process and boldly suggest Home Delivery, citing its many values and world-class safety record.
  • Various high-publicity kick-off events and messaging were carried out to get reps excited.
  • The CCTS instructor team rolled out each course at the call center.
  • Leadership invited Advisors to come back into subsequent training classes and annouce “immediate success stories.”
  • Supervisors helped co-facilitate classes to establish accountability and legitimacy.
  • Every leader participated in the Call Center Floor Management program.
  • A Power Hour schedule was implemented for all supervisors (view Power Hour video).

End Results

The Advisors responded extremely positively to the training.  The center created its own “wild success” story.  Over a six-month period, conversion soared from 31% to 70%.  In addition, script count increased exponentially, all of which resulted in millions of dollars in revenue increases to the organization (and happier members).  Two years later, conversion and script count increases had been maintained due to the floor management team’s commitment to the Power Hour and other floor-coaching initiatives.

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