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AHT Reduction of 15% while Positive Response Rate Increased by 5%

Amazon has multiple, global centers that communicate with Amazon’s sellers. Sellers have unique questions and needs and they have specialized call centers, usually in their own country. Amazon wanted to increase its PSS (Positive Response Rate) while decreasing its AHT (Average Handle Time). Sellers were not rating their calls high enough. Calls were taking too long, overall. CCTS was invited to train the supervisor teams in Call Center Floor Management at the North Dakota and Slovakia sites.

Unique Challenge

  • Most of the supervisors had come from the floor and were fairly new as leaders. Most had limited experience in management prior to becoming supervisors.
  • Reps were not used to any type of proactive management.
  • No floor-coaching of any kind existed at either site.
  • The only floor presence by supervisors was for problem-solving purposes and for taking escalation requests.
  • Many other initiatives were going on at the same time and the focus on floor management skills might be limited.

Training Provided by Call Center Training Solutions

  • Training’s Big Idea: Proactive floor-coaching is an investment in your people that will prevent most of the issues which presently cause you to spend most of your day in a problem-solving role.
  • CCTS provided Call Center Floor Management workshops to all supervisors at both sites. The response from the supervisors at both sites was excellent.
  • Implementation of the Power Hour (see Power Hour video) occurred within a week of the training.
  • CCTS provided follow-up support through weekly and then monthly phone meetings.

End Results

Despite only training the supervisors at the sites and not rebuilding the agents’ phone skills training, all metrics increased far more than through any other initiative.

  • Average Handle Time decreased by 15% average between both sites.
  • Positive Response Rate increased by 5%.
  • First-Call Resolution increased by 6%.
  • Expressed Dissatisfaction Rate decreased by 4%.

Amazon met their objectives. Both sites’ supervisors continued to use their new coaching skills, primarily in a Power Hour format.   The supervisors were able to spend enough time proactively floor-coaching that they changed the culture and became a big reason for those sites’ continued success.

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